Meditation Life Skills Podcast - How To Meditate

Self-Empowerment Is The Authentic Expressing Of Your Soul

August 26, 2021
Meditation Life Skills Podcast - How To Meditate
Self-Empowerment Is The Authentic Expressing Of Your Soul
Show Notes

Before we can begin working on obtaining, maintaining, and expanding our own sense of self-empowerment, we must first understand what it is and what it entails in its most basic form and meaning.

Self-empowerment is defined as having the strength and confidence to express oneself in the most authentic manner possible. As a result, one will express their soul rather than their ego/spirit (attitude) in the place of the soul.

Self-Empowerment is comprised of three components:

A) Maintaining Mental Balance

Mental balance is one of the most important types of balance that we should all strive to achieve in our lives. Everything in our lives is based on this one thing, and it is the only thing that we can count on. It makes no difference whether the harm is done directly or indirectly.

B) Emotional Balance

The emotional matrix for self-empowerment is the nucleus of our being, where our experiences are recorded in their most raw and unadulterated state. Initially, everything passes through the filter of our mental matrix before being filtered further into our emotional matrix. It is in this location that all experiences are permanently recorded for future reference in the event that similar events, situations, or circumstances occur again.

C) Spiritual Balance

When it comes to physical balance, it is never just about the physical aspect of things. This is another reason why I began with mental and emotional balance rather than physical health. These two factors have a significant impact on our ability to maintain our physical balance.

The truth of reality for authentic self-empowerment allows an individual to gain a better understanding of their current situation, the direction they want to take their life in, and, most importantly, the identity they wish to possess. There will be no confusion between an expression of the soul and a projection of their attitude when this is implemented (of the ego entity).

Such a person will not look for things that define them as a person to gain self-empowerment because they will not require such things because they already embody the definition of themselves.

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